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How to discard the changes while editing the template?

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In BoldSign, you have the option to effortlessly discard any unsaved changes made to a template without saving them. By selecting the discard option, you can easily revert the template back to its original state if you made any unintended modifications or have decided not to proceed with the changes.

Follow the below steps to discard the changes while editing the template:

  • Select the My Templates option on the Templates menu to go to the My Templates page.
  • On the My Templates page, click the Context menu of the template you want to edit and select the Edit template option.

Edit template option

  • Once you start editing the template and want to undo any changes you made, simply navigate back from the Prepare template page by clicking the back arrow.
  • A pop-up will appear, click the Discard button to discard the changes.

Discard option

  • After discarding the changes, you will be redirected back to the My Templates page.
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