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How to edit the bulk link document?

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In BoldSign, editing a bulk link document is the process that allows you to make necessary changes to your bulk link. With the editing feature, you can effortlessly update Bulk link details or add information that may have been missed during the Bulk link creation. This feature provides a convenient way to maintain the accuracy and status of your bulk link document based on your needs.

Follow the steps below to edit the bulk link:

  • Click the Bulk Links menu on the Dashboard page and choose the My Bulk Links from the options to view the list of Bulk Links.

My bulk links page

  • Next, select the bulk link that you need to edit. This will direct you to the overview page.
  • If required, you can edit the welcome and acknowledgment messages in their respective fields.
  • To modify the Link Response Limit, locate the Link Response Limit column and click the Edit option.
  • There is also an option to change the expiry date of the bulk link located below the response limit.

editing limit response and expiry date

  • You can enable or disable email verification using the toggle button based on your requirements.
  • If necessary, you have the option to enable the multi-signature feature, allowing signers to sign the document multiple times.
  • Once you have made the desired change, click the Save option at the top-right corner of the page to update the changes made to the bulk link.
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