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How to allow signers to sign the same bulk link document multiple times?

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The signers now have the option to sign the same bulk link document multiple times using the same email address. This eliminates the need to generate separate links or create additional accounts for each signing instance. However, the sender can choose to enable or disable this option based on their preferences.

Follow the below steps to enable multiple signing while creating a bulk link:

  • Click Create New and select the Create New Bulk Link option.
  • Upload the document and fill in the title and any other necessary information.
  • In the settings section, toggle on the Allow the user to sign multiple times option.


Enable the

  • Then, proceed with the document creation process and share the URL link with the signers once created.
  • Now, the signer will be able to sign the bulk link document using the same email address multiple times.
  • You can also enable the multi-signature option after creating a bulk link on the overview page.

Enable multi-signature option

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