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How to select the data residency region?

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During the signup process of BoldSign, users can select their desired data residency region. The available options currently include the US region and the EU region. By choosing a specific region, all user data will be securely stored and managed within that selected region.

Follow the below steps to select the data residency region in BoldSign:

  • Go to the BoldSign website and click the Sign Up option to proceed.
  • You will be redirected to the Sign Up page. Enter the valid email address in the Email field.
  • Then, select your preferred data residency region from the available options in the Data Residency field.

Data residency option

  • After selecting your preferred region, proceed with completing the rest of the sign-up process by providing the required information.
  • Once you have successfully signed up, all your data will be stored and handled within the region that you have chosen.
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