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How to send signature requests via SMS?

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BoldSign supports Email, SMS, and Email + SMS delivery options. The sender can choose any of these options while preparing the document. However, the SMS and Email + SMS delivery options are only available to paid plan users. The document will be delivered to the signers via the selected delivery method.

Email: Email delivery is the default mode, where recipients receive notifications and links to access documents for signing via their email addresses. No additional prerequisites are required beyond having a BoldSign account.

SMS: SMS (Short Message Service) delivery in BoldSign sends real-time notifications to recipients via text messages on their mobile devices, ensuring quick notification delivery and improved convenience.

Email + SMS: Recipients will receive notifications both through email and SMS, enhancing communication and ensuring timely alerts.

To make use of the SMS delivery feature, the following requirements must be met:

  • You need to have an active subscription to a paid BoldSign account.
  • Additionally, you are required to obtain the SMS add-on, incurring a fee of $0.20 for each SMS sent.

Follow the steps below to set the SMS delivery mode for signers:

  • Click the Create New button at the top of the screen and choose the Create New Document option.

Create new document

  • Click the delivery options dropdown and the Email delivery mode will be enabled by default.
  • Select the SMS option. If you are a free plan user, the Upgrade option will be displayed. Click on that option to upgrade to a paid plan.


  • Once you have upgraded to a paid plan, click the Activate link to activate the SMS feature.


  • A dialog box will appear. Read the instructions and click the Enable button.

enable sms feature

  • After activating the pay-as-you-go SMS feature, you can opt for the SMS delivery method. When selecting the SMS option, the sender is required to input the recipient’s phone number. This involves selecting the correct country code and entering the recipient’s number in the designated field.
  • You can allow your signers to receive the SMS in their preferred language. For example, if the signer’s language is set to German in the language dropdown, the SMS will be delivered in German to the signer.

add recipients

  • Complete preparing your envelope as usual and proceed to send it for signature.
  • Upon sending, the signer(s) will receive an SMS as shown below. When the recipient clicks the link in the SMS message, they will be taken to the BoldSign app where they can review and sign the document electronically.

sms request

SMS notifications

SMS notifications are sent for specific events, including signature requests, document expiry warnings, document deletion warnings, manual reminders, and signature completion notifications.

Limitations for SMS delivery

  1. Email OTP authentication cannot be used to sign documents sent via SMS delivery mode.
  2. SMS notifications are sent only to the signers and not to CC recipients.
  3. Signers do not have the capability to reassign the document when the delivery method is either SMS or Email + SMS.
  4. Signers who have SMS delivery mode will not receive automatic reminders.
  5. Group signers are not supported in SMS and Email + SMS delivery modes.
  6. The SMS notification text is controlled by the BoldSign SMS service and cannot be customized.

If you have set a budget limit for SMS notifications in your subscription preferences and it is exceeded, notifications will still be sent for previously created documents. Any remaining credits will be accounted for in the subsequent billing cycle.

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