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How to add additional roles in bulk link?

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In BoldSign, you can add additional recipient roles while creating a bulk link. This feature is especially beneficial in situations where a single document requires input or actions from various individuals each with specific responsibilities. The process to create bulk links with additional roles is outlined below.

Adding additional roles to the bulk link

  • To create a new bulk link, click Create New and select the Create New Bulk Link option, or choose New Bulk Link from My Bulk Links.

Create new bulk link option

  • You will be taken to the Prepare Bulk Link Document page. Enter the Title, Welcome message, and Acknowledgement message for the bulk link in the respective fields.
  • Then, add files in the Add file(s) section.

Prepare bulk link document page

  • Now, add the signer role in the Initiator Role column and click the Add Recipient Role option.

Initiator role

  • Add the role of the additional signer in the Role column. Optionally, you can add the recipient’s name and email address for the additional signer. Initiators can edit this information after the document is sent.
  • If you wish to restrict the initiator from editing the name and email address of the additional signer, disable the Allow initiator to edit this role option in the Settings section.
  • You can also add authentication and private messages to the additional signers if needed.

Additional signers role

  • Click the Next button to move to the Configure fields page. Then, add the required form fields for each role by selecting the role name from the names drop-down.
  • After adding the required form fields to the document, click Create Bulk Link.

Configure fields page

  • The Bulk link will be successfully created, and the URL link and Embed code will be generated.
  • Now, you can share the bulk link with the signers.

Signing the bulk link

  • When the signer accesses the link, a dialog box will appear, requesting identification details as shown below.

identification details dialog box

  • Once entered, a verification code will be sent to the initiator email ID to ensure that they have access to the specified email address.

Verification code

  • After entering the verification code, the initiator will be granted permission to sign the document.
  • Once the signing process is completed, the additional recipients will receive notification to review and sign the document.
  • After all signers have signed the document, a copy of the final document will be sent to all the recipients.

Confirmation message

View the responders who signed the bulk link

  • Select My Bulk Links from the Bulk Links menu.
  • Click on the particular bulk link. You can find all the responders in the Responders field at the bottom of the page.
  • If the document is completed by all signers, you can view it, download it, download the audit trail document, and delete it using the options at the right end of the responder.

Responders details

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