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How to set date stamp and time stamp for the date signed field?

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The Date signed form field records the current date and time when the signer opens the document. The account admin can set the default date and time format on the Business Profile page, and it can be modified if needed while preparing the document.

Follow the steps below to set the date stamp and time stamp for the date signed field:

  • Click on the Business Profile on the Settings menu to go to the Business Profile page.
  • On the Business Profile page, scroll down to the Date Field Settings section under the Settings tab, and you will see the Date Format and Time Format sections.
  • Select your preferred date format by clicking on the drop-down.
  • Then, move to the Time Format section and select your preferred time format. By default, the time format will be None. If you choose the None option, only the date format will be displayed.
  • Once you have selected the date and time format, click the Save changes button.

Business profile page

  • Now, during the document creation process, when you drag and drop the Date signed form field onto the document, the date and time format displayed will match the settings chosen in the Date Field Settings.

Date signed field

  • You can also change the date and time format from the Date format settings on the right side of the page if needed.
  • Add any other required form fields, then send the document for signature.
  • When the signer opens the document, the Date signed field will automatically populate with the current date and time in the chosen format.

Date and time stamp

By default, the Date signed field is auto-filled with the UTC time zone, but it can be changed to your desired time zone on the branding page.

Change time zone

We have also published a video tutorial on this topic. Check out the video below:

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