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How to send a document with identity verification?

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Identity verification stands as a premium signer authentication method within BoldSign, offering heightened security and authentication for documents. When configured, signers are required to submit their identification documents before accessing and signing designated documents. In scenarios where automatic verification is not feasible, senders retain the ability to manually review failed document uploads for approval or rejection.

To send a document with identity verification, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Initiate Document Creation: Begin the document creation process by locating and clicking on the Create New Document button.

Create Document Button

  1. Upload Document: Upload the document intended for signature in the Add file(s) section.

Upload Document

  1. Add Signer Details: Specify the details of the signer from whom you require document signatures.

Enable Authentication

BoldSign automatically compares the signer’s name with the name on the uploaded identification document. Any discrepancies may prevent the signer from accessing the document. Therefore, ensure that the signer’s name matches the identification document’s name, avoiding the use of nicknames or abbreviations.

  1. Enable Authentication: Click on the Settings button to reveal additional options, then activate Authentication and select Identity Verification as the preferred signer authentication method.

Enable Authentication

  1. Proceed to Next Step: Click on the Next button to advance to the subsequent step in the document creation process.

Proceed to Next Step

  1. Place Signature and Send: Add the signature and other required fields to the document. Once you have finalized the document, click on the Send button to send it for signature.

Place Signature and Send

We have also published a video tutorial on this topic. Check out the video below:

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