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How to skip a document during the signing process and resume signing later?

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In BoldSign, when you have multiple documents for signing, if you initiate signing a document but wish to skip it or exit midway and move to the next document, you can do so without losing any of the entered information. You can then resume signing later at your convenience.

Follow the steps below to skip a document during the signing process and resume signing later:

  • Open the document received through email or from the My Documents page on the BoldSign application account.
  • Read and agree to the electronic signature disclosure terms and click the Continue button to go to the Signing page.
  • On the signing page, click the Start signing button to start signing the document.
  • If you wish to skip and resume the signing process later, click the More Actions dropdown at the top right corner and select the Finish Later option.

Finish later option

  • A dialog box will appear. Click on the Go to dashboard button and you will be directed back to the dashboard as your progress has been saved.

Dialog box

  • If you have pending documents to sign, click on the Sign next document button or I’ll sign later button.
  • If you click the Sign next document button, you will be directed to the next document signing page.
  • If you click the I’ll sign later button, you will be directed back to the dashboard page.

Dialog box

  • When you reopen the same document later, you will find the previously filled information intact, allowing you to continue and complete the signing process.

The Finish Later option is visible only to BoldSign account holders who have logged in to sign the document.

We have also published a video tutorial on this topic. Check out the video below:

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