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How to request images from signers?

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While sending the signature request, the sender can request the signers for the images. This is useful when the signer wants to upload their photocopy, logo, ID proof, etc. You must include an image title and description when sending the request. A document can contain multiple image fields.

Follow the below steps to request images while sending the document for signing:

  • Click on Create New Document, fill in all the required fields in the prepare document section, and click the Next button.
  • On the next page, select the Image field from the Fields section and then drag-drop the field into the document.
  • The Image settings column will open on the right side of the document when you place the image field in it, allowing you to enter the image‚Äôs title and instruction.
  • Fill in the Image Title box, which is required, and add Instructions in the next box if you wish to provide further information about the image.
  • In image formats, you can either select one format or all the formats given below. The signer can only be allowed to attach images in the selected formats.
  • Click the Send button, and the request will be successfully sent to the signer.
  • Now the signer can attach the image with the given specifications while signing the document. And the image size should not exceed 25 MB.

Request images from the signers

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