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Creating templates

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Templates are used to save time when you repeatedly send the same contracts out for signature to different sets of people. Once a template is set up, it takes less than a minute to send contracts based on a template. You can set up templates for both self-signing and sending out for signature scenarios.

Templates are set up just like regular documents, but instead of associating signature fields with people, we just associate fields with roles. A role is nothing but a placeholder for an actual person. For example, if we have a purchase order that will always be signed by two people, one company representative, and one customer, we can create a template with two roles, Customer and Representative.

The process of setting up the document is the same as if we were setting it up for two actual signers. Just associate the fields with roles instead of signers and then associate roles with actual signers just before the contracts are sent out. This will help us save a great deal of time since we have to set up the template only once, and it can be used many times. The process to create a template is outlined below:

  • You can create a Template by clicking on the Create New button at the top left position and choosing the Create New Template option.
  • Enter a title and description to help identify this template uniquely with BoldSign.
  • Choose any one of the supported file types from your computer or from your cloud drive. We support PDF, JPG, PNG, and DOCX files, but PDF is the preferred format, so try to use that if possible. You can drag files directly from your computer onto the dotted target area.

Adding document

  • Add more files if required, by following the process outlined in the previous step.
  • Give a name to the role that a person will be performing. If the same person will always be performing this role, then it is possible to specify that person’s name in the Default recipient name field.

Recipients page

  • You can also optionally enable signing in order and enable authentication.
  • Configure the template with fields just like regular documents.
  • You can add label fields to templates and mark them as required. Anyone who tries to use this template will then be required to fill in the labels before sending. You can also optionally specify hint text for the sender.
  • Once a template has been configured, you can find it under the My Templates navigation menu on the left. A Use icon will appear when you hover your mouse over a template item. Click this icon to configure this template and send a document out for signature.

Use template option

  • Now associate actual recipients with placeholder roles and send the document for signature.
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