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How to show or hide the BoldSign sign-up information for the signers?

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When non-BoldSign users sign a document, they will be prompted to create a new BoldSign account by default after signing the document. This helps non-BoldSign users to join BoldSign easily and access their signed documents. However, the account administrator can disable this sign-up prompt for signers if needed.

The below prompt will be displayed to the non-BoldSign users after signing the document.

create account

Follow the steps below to hide the BoldSign sign-up information:

  • Go to the Settings menu and click the Business Profile.
  • You can find Allow recipients to create a free BoldSign account after signing option at the bottom of the page.
  • Disable that option using the toggle button and then click the Save changes button.

Allow recipient to create a free BoldSign account after signing

  • The sign-up prompt will no longer appear when a non-BoldSign user signs the document, and the message will be displayed as shown below.

Sign-up prompt disabled

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