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How to configure email custom domain?

2 mins read

A custom domain refers to the ability to use your own domain name instead of the default domain provided by BoldSign for your digital signature documents and emails. Configuring custom domain settings is allowed for the paid plan only.

Refer to the below steps to configure the custom domain in our BoldSign application.

  • Go to the Business Profile settings and scroll down to the Custom Domain Settings option.

Custom domain settings

  • Enter the From name and Domain Name as requested, and immediately you will be notified as Not Verified near the box.
  • Click the Save changes button, and to make the domain verified, create a support ticket to verify it.
  • You can create a support ticket by clicking the support ticket link present below the domain name option.

Not verified

  • When the ticket is created, we will validate the domain on our side.
  • To configure your domain name, we will create the required configuration settings and share the information with you, like DKIM and Return Path.

DKIM and Return path

  • You must add the above keys to your DNS and let us know for us to activate the domain on our end, and will mark it as Verified after its successful verification.
  • You can check the domain status from the Business Profile settings.


  • We will also notify you through the support ticket after the domain name has been successfully verified.
  • BoldSign will send all the transaction emails using the specified domain after the specified domain has been successfully verified.


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