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How to get job title and company name from the signers?

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The sender can request the signer’s job title and company name using the Title and Company form fields when sending a signature request.

Follow the steps below to get the job title and company name from the signers:

  • Click Create New and select the Create New Document option.
  • Fill in all the required fields on the Prepare document page and click Next to move to the Configure fields page.
  • Form fields can be found on the left side of the page. Select the Title and Company form fields and drag them to the desired location on the document.
  • Click Send, and the signature request will be sent to the signer successfully.

title and company

  • Now, the signer can update the job title and company name in the respective fields.
  • If the signer is a BoldSign user, the company field will be pre-filled with the company name they provided when they created their account. However, signers can modify the pre-filled company name in the company field. On the other hand, if the signer is not a BoldSign user, they must manually enter their company name in the Company field.
  • The title field allows the signer to enter their job title. If the signer has already updated their job title on their My Profile page, it will be automatically filled in when they open the document. However, they can modify the pre-filled job title in the Title field. Otherwise, they will need to manually enter their job title into the field.

my profile page

automatically pre-filled

You can also change your company name on the Business Profile page, under the Profile Details section, which was initially updated while creating a new account.

updating company name

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