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How to add SMS authentication to a signer?

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SMS authentication adds an additional layer of security to the document signing process. The sender can add SMS authentication while creating a document. When it is enabled, the signer can access the document only after entering the valid SMS OTP.

Follow the below steps to add SMS authentication to a signer:

  • Click Create New and select Create New Document option.
  • On the prepare document page, Show settings dropdown will be displayed below the recipient field.
  • Click the drop-down and enable the Authentication feature.
  • If you are a free plan user, the Upgrade option will be displayed next to the SMS OTP option. Clicking on Upgrade will take you to a subscription page where you can upgrade your plan.

Upgrade option

  • After upgrading, you will see theActivate option near the SMS OTP option.

Activate option

  • When you click on it, a confirmation dialog box will appear. Read the information and click on the Enable button to activate the SMS OTP feature.

Dialog box

  • Once the SMS OTP feature is enabled, you will be able to select the SMS OTP option.
  • On selecting the SMS OTP option, you will have the option to enter the phone number and select the country code.
  • Add the required details and send the document to the signer.

SMS OTP option

  • Now, when the signer opens the document, Phone Number Verification dialog box will appear. Once verified, SMS OTP will be sent to that phone number.

Verify phone number

  • The signer must enter the received code to access the document.

Enter verification code

Refer to this article to know more about authentication: How to add authentication to a signer.

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