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How to send documents in bulk?

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In BoldSign, the Bulk Send feature allows users to send documents to the bulk recipients simultaneously by uploading recipient details using a CSV file. When you need to send a document to the group of recipients for signature, instead of creating a document and adding form fields to each recipient individually, you can create a bulk send.

You must create a template with the necessary documents for signature before creating a bulk send.

Refer to this article for details on creating a template: How to Create a Template.

Create bulk send

  • Click Create New and select the Create New Bulk Send option.

Create new bulk send option

  • You will be taken to the Prepare Bulk Send page.
  • Click on the Browse Templates option in the template section and choose a template to use for the signature request.
  • In the Add Recipients section, click the Download sample CSV option, and a CSV file will be downloaded with the prefilled column headers and default values based on the attached template.

Download sample CSV option

  • Add recipient details to the CSV file and upload it using the Upload Recipient data CSV option.


  • If the details are not in the correct format, the error message will be displayed.

Upload recipient data

  • Role details are fetched from the template and cannot be modified.
  • Add CC recipients in the CC field, and it will be applied to all recipients. If you need to include different CC to each recipient, you can add the CC recipient details individually in the CSV file.
  • In the Bulk Send Title, the template name will be displayed and can be modified if needed.
  • In the Document section, the file name will be the document title, and the message added in the template will be displayed in the message field. Modify the title and message if needed.
  • In the Document Settings, fields will be prefilled based on the template. Make any necessary changes and click the Preview button at the top of the page.
  • You can preview the document of each recipient by clicking their name in the Document dropdown.

Preview option

  • Once done, click the Send button.
  • The bulk send has been created successfully, and the document will be sent to all recipients.

Bulk send created

  • You can view the status of the bulk send on the My bulk send page.

Bulk send status

CSV file format

  • In bulk send, the recipient data must be provided in a CSV file with a specific format.
  • Once the sample CSV is downloaded, the values will be displayed based on the template.
  • For example, In the template, if you have added Employee in the role field and selected the email delivery option, The column headers Name and Email with role will be displayed, as shown below.

name and email with role

  • Similarly, if you have selected SMS or Email & SMS delivery option, the respective column headers will be displayed.
  • If you have included form fields that have default value fields in the template, specifically textbox, radio button, checkbox, editable date field, and dropdown fields, the corresponding column header and value will be displayed in the CSV file. You can modify the default values based on your need.

form fields with default values

  • If form fields like signature, image, and attachment are added to the template, they will not be shown in the CSV file as they do not have default value fields. However, they will be displayed to the signers.
  • To add different titles and messages to different recipients, the Title and Message fields must be included before the Name field.

Different title and messages

  • If you have two roles and have chosen two different languages, and you want to add different titles and messages to the recipients, the language should be specified in the title and message column.
  • The first language is for the first role and the second language is for the second role.

two roles and two languages

  • To include different CC and tags for recipients, add the corresponding columns after the last column in the CSV file.

CC and Tags column

  • To add private messages for the recipients, a private message column should be added after the document delivery details of the particular signer.

Private message column

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