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How to create custom fields with ID prefix and editing restrictions?

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Custom fields play a crucial role in enhancing document preparation efficiency, providing users with the flexibility to tailor fields to their specific needs. In BoldSign, an account Admin can create custom fields with an ID prefix and restrict editing of the ID prefix values during the Template/Bulk Link creation process.

Follow the steps below to create custom fields with ID Prefix and editing restrictions:

  • Click on Branding on the Settings menu to go to the Manage Brands page.
  • On the Manage Brands page, click on the Create New Brand button.

Create new brand button

  • You will be directed to the Create New Brand page. In the General section, add the Brand Name, Logo, and Color, then switch to the Advanced section.

Create new brand page

  • In the Advanced section, scroll down and click the Configure Custom Form Fields button.

Configure  custom form fields button

  • A dialog box will appear. Click the Save and Proceed button and you will be taken to the custom field designer page.

Save and proceed button

  • On the custom field designer page, drag and drop a form field onto the page. For instance, when you drag and drop the textbox form field onto the page, textbox settings appear on the right side of the page.
  • Enter the ID Prefix in the ID Prefix section.
  • To restrict editing ID Prefix by users, you can enable the Restrict ID Prefix Change option below the ID Prefix field.
  • Then click the Save as custom field button.
  • A dialog box will appear. Enter the Field Name and Field Description in the respective fields and click the Save button.
  • Once done, click the Publish Fields button. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed. Click the Confirm button and the Custom field will be published successfully.
  • If you already have a brand, you can configure custom form fields using the Edit brand option.


  • Then, enable the Allow users to view shared custom form fields option on the branding page and click the Save changes button. The configured custom field will be displayed to all users under the organization when they use the particular brand.

 Allow users to view shared custom form fields option

  • Now, when creating templates or bulk links with the brand in which the custom form fields were configured, if you drag and drop the custom form field onto the document, the ID value of the field will start with the configured ID prefix by the brand Admin, followed by the field count.
  • Since we enabled the Restrict ID Prefix Change option, the values in ID prefix will be uneditable.

configure fields page

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